Woman with Medical Conditions

For the thousands of women suffering from certain medical conditions, treatments can bring more discomfort than they are already experiencing. Women undergoing treatment for breast cancer, lupus, multiple sclerosis, even migraine headaches, report that the hot flashes they endure add yet another misery to an already stressful situation.


HOT GIRLS PEARLS were created to help women feel good, inside and out. Our Pearls are filled with the same nontoxic gel contained in an icepack. Once frozen in your freezer, inside the Insulated Travel Purse with Icepack, HOT GIRLS PEARLS offer immediate cooling relief to the body, and smiles to the wearer. If ever there was a time when a woman would want to feel and look great, this is it.


HOT GIRLS PEARLS is an active supporter of research being done to find a cure for all of these diseases, and while we hope you will always enjoy your Pearls, we look forward to the day when we are all free of illness.


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Thanks for helping me get through chemo. They make me laugh, I feel like Betty Rubble, and they cool me down. A blessing!

– Carol B.

What a wonderful idea! I have MS and always looking for cooling devices. Also have relatives going through menopause. I’m so happy you were on the Katie Show today!

– Cyndee M.

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The Long-Awaited Return of HOT GIRLS PEARLS is Coming Soon - Please Stay Tuned!