Women Going Places

Women have played a vital role in the American workforce since the birth of our country, never more so than today. Increasingly, women have become the major breadwinner. That as well as all the other jobs performed every day, can leave one feeling exhausted, hot and stressed.


HOT GIRLS PEARLS help alleviate the anxiety of a working day, whether caused by physical activity – or a PowerPoint presentation. A woman who feels and looks cool has the confidence and comfort to face everyday challenges, at the office, an event or at home with family.


HOT GIRLS PEARLS are filled with the same cooling non-toxic gel found in ice packs. Stored them in their Insulated Travel Purse with Icepack in your freezer, and enjoy an instant blast of frosty relief during overheated moments.


Work is such a big part of your life, shouldn’t it be as cool as the rest?


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‘I always keep two necklaces going…one around my neck and one in the purse in the freezer at work. I’m dealing with issues a whole lot better, believe me!

– Barb D.

First, they chuckled about the Pearls. Then, when I gave the best (read confident) speech ever, I had them in the palm of my hand..

Couldn’t happen without my HGPs!

– Annalisa R.

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The Long-Awaited Return of HOT GIRLS PEARLS is Coming Soon - Please Stay Tuned!