New Vintage Blush 16" |  $59

Untitled design-55

Untitled design-55
(Originally $80)

We love mixing up the past with the now, don't you? The New Vintage Coollection does that.. and more.

We've taken our plump frozen Pearls in Blush and kicked them up a notch, adding a 40's look gold filigreed clear decorative bead, teensy gold beads and our golden magnetic clasp. This is a necklace that says 'I am cool' in countless ways.

Don't wither and wilt from your own 'personal summers'.. turn hot flashes into haute fashion with the chic cool of this must-have Pearl necklace. Like wearing ice cubes around your neck, this cool customer harbors an inner secret.. frozen cooling gel which quickly blasts even the hottest of hot flashes by cooling your pulse points.


Store your pearls inside purse in freezer, then take the purse and pearls together when you are on the go. The icy purse acts like a mini-cooler, keeping your pearls chilled for hours until you're ready to wear. We recommend wearing your pearls for bursts of relief and returning to purse between wears to prolong their cooling effects. Slide the strong magnetic clasp apart and snap back together with ease.





Necklace Lengths:

Item Quantity:


- Decorative Bead (Not Gel-Filled)
- Strong Magnetic Clasp

16" Necklace best for petite sizes
18" Necklace perfect for medium sizes
20" Necklace lovely on medium and larger sizes
Placed on your neck or wrist, the spots which deliver cool quickly to the rest of your body, HOT GIRLS PEARLS lower your temperature instantly.

These beautifully chic 'pearls' contain the same nontoxic gel found in ice packs.

By storing your HOT GIRLS PEARLS in the freezer, you will keep those overheated moments a thing of the past.
Women experiencing uncomfortable hot flashes caused by menopause; certain medical conditions and their treatments, also pregnant and breast-feeding mothers.

Hot Girls in warm climates are thrilled to have an attractive, natural solution to a very inconvenient problem.

Whether visiting warm climates, playing sports (or watching) HOT GIRLS PEARLS are your discreet relief from the heat.

Care for your HOT GIRLS PEARLS as you do any of your costume jewelry (just store them in the freezer instead of a jewelry box!)

While each person and environment varies, your 'pearls' will cool your jets for up to an hour as you rotate the strand around your neck or wrist, evenly dispersing the chill.

To extend their cooling power, return them to your icy Travel Purse between wears and enjoy bursts of cool for hours.

Women who wear pacemakers and pregnant women should check with their physician before wearing magnetic jewelry.
Q. Why are the pearls so big?
A. Think of Hot Girls Pearls like ice cubes--the bigger they are the longer they stay cold.
Q. Can they be heated?
A. No! (For that we recommend a scarf.)

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The Long-Awaited Return of HOT GIRLS PEARLS is Coming Soon - Please Stay Tuned!