Pregnant & Breastfeeding

What?? Hot flashes during pregnancy? Shouldn’t that happen much later in life? Hot flashes can happen to any woman at any stage of life. When you and your pregnancy hormones get together, flashes and mood swings can get right down to business. Drops in estrogen are to blame for these heat surges, most commonly affecting the head, neck and chest area, lasting anywhere from seconds to minutes.


To make matters worse, the heat may be more common later in pregnancy and even increase after delivery. Breastfeeding moms will find hormones lowering and staying low during that period.


Wearing a cooling necklace or bracelet from HOT GIRLS PEARLS during those times is a great way to survive with style and comfort. Our Pearls are filled with the same nontoxic gel used in icepacks. Stored in your freezer, inside the accompanying Insulated Travel Purse with enclosed Icepack, HOT GIRLS PEARLS can get you through hours of overheated madness, and let you enjoy this most magical time of your life.


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‘I never knew I could get this big and this hot!!!!!!!!!! Now I’m just getting big. Thanks for the Pearls!

– Andi P.

My mother and I were sharing her set of Pearls until I got pregnant. Now I have them full time. Maybe I’ll get her a new one.

– Chloe T.

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