Menopausal Women

Menopause can bring many unwanted side effects, and one of the most common are hot flashes. You know – those moments when you break out in a terrible sweat, hair dripping and makeup running down your now reddened face. They can come on at any time; at work, an event or just relaxing at home. Not only are they physically uncomfortable, but they can also be emotionally debilitating.


For women who don’t want, or can’t take anything to curb those flashes, HOT GIRLS PEARLS provide immediate relief, while making¬†a fun fashion statement.


Filled with a non-toxic cooling gel, like that found in an ice pack, the Pearls are stored in the freezer between uses. The insulated travel purse with enclosed ice mat ensures that you are¬†always prepared to ‘fight the flame’.


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My family wants to thank you for inventing


Apparently I’m a lot ‘nicer’ now…

– Gail B.

Hah! Menopause has nothing on me! Wearing my Hot Girls Pearls has chased those nasty old hot flashes away! Yeah!

– Helen S.

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The Long-Awaited Return of HOT GIRLS PEARLS is Coming Soon - Please Stay Tuned!